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SCore Cluster System Software is a software package that provides a parallel programming environment for workstation and PC clusters. This software package is a snapshot of our ongoing research effort on parallel and distributed computing. We release this software package, hoping that the SCore Cluster System Software will contribute the research of parallel and distributed of the world.

!! Important Note !!
This software package is NOT a copyright free. Before install and use this software, you must agree with the LICENSE AGREEMENT. Although Real World Computing Partnership is a non-profit research organization, it is funded by Ministry of International Trade and Industries. It is our obligation to report the distribution and usage of this released software package.

!!! More Important Note !!!
The specification in this software package is tentative and subject to change without any notice.

!!!! Final Important Note !!!!
SCore Cluster System Software consists of many programs, libraries and shell scripts. And most of them are depending on each others. Some programs are required to run before the system is ready to go. Further, due to its distributed nature, some programs should run on different hosts. Installation of this software may not be an easy work. Installing the SCore cluster system software, we strongly suggest those who want to install this software package to read and follow the instructions in Installation Manual.

and Some Apology
The most of the authors of this documents and programmers of this software package are not born to speak English. We apologize the poor English sentences and expressions in this document. In despite of this, sending some comments, suggestions and reports on whatever on this software package makes us happy.

SCore Research and Development Team
Parallel Distributed System Software Tsukuba Research Laboratory
Real World Computing Partnership
May 1998

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