SCore Cluster System Software Users Mailing List

To exchange information on SCore cluster system software and to inform bug fixes and new releases, we operate <> mailing list. This mailing list is managed by Majordomo, and anybody can subscribe freely.

We will not use this mailing list for other than the purpose of exchanging information related to SCore cluster system software. Members using this mailing list for any other purpose might be deleted.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to, send mail <> and include

    subscribe score-users

In the body of your message. For example, You'd do:

    $ echo "subscribe score-users" | mail

It is also possible to unsubscribe yourself from the list, by sending unsubscribe message to Majordomo. For example, You'd do:

    $ echo "unsubscribe score-users <address>" | mail
<address> is your mail address.

For a complete list of available commands, do this:

    $ echo "help" | mail

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