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When package is installed in a different directory from the one specified when making the binary image, this option specifies the top directory of the package location.

Specify default of -score option of rsh-all(1) command, kill-all(1) command, and programs written in MPC++ language.

Following values, separated by comma, are mainly used.

Specifies number of target nodes. In case of programs written in MPC++ language, default value is 1. In case of rsh-all(1) and kill-all(1) command, from first node to last node in score.conf file are default.
Specifies hostname of first node. Only rsh-all(1) and kill-all(1) command uses this setting. Rsh/kill is invoked from this node in order of specified in score.conf file.
If this is not specified, current hostname is used.
Please look at SCore User Manual for detail.

Specify default of -score option of MPC++ programs which are to run under SCore-D. Please look at SCore-D User Manual for detail.

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