Introduction to SCore Cluster System Software

SCore cluster system software consists of several programs and libraries as follows;

PM is a low level communication library for Myrinet, a high-performance LAN interface developed by Myricom, Inc. PM with Myrinet provides low latency and high bandwidth communication. The SCore cluster system software is designed to be effective if the cluster has Myrinet to interconnect each host.
MessageBoard Server/Client
The MessageBoard server provides a locking facility that prevents other users from using cluster hosts. Cluster users can browse the current status of a cluster with the msgb client program. Users of parallel application programs are assumed to lock hosts via the MessageBoard server. This locking management is done automatically by the user programs when they are linked with SCore-S library described next.
SCore-S is a runtime library for the SCore cluster system software. It is designed to be programming language independent, a user can develop a programming language runtime or other parallel programming environment such as PVM on top of SCore-S. A program linked with the SCore-S runtime library can run standalone or can run under the SCore-D environment on workstation clusters.
SCore-D is a user-level parallel operating system providing a time-shared multiple parallel process environment with gang-scheduling. Multiple user parallel processes can run under SCore-D. Also SCore-D provides some parallel I/O systemcalls.
A MPICH porting with PM. MPICH-PM realizes a high-performance MPI on workstation and PC clusters. (See also Using MPI on the Workstation/PC Cluster)
A multi-threaded C++. (See also MPC++ Level0: Multiple Thread Template Library)
Shell Script Utilities
For convenience, some shell scripts are provided to execute a shell command on cluster hosts. rsh-all is a shell script file that invokes shell command sepcified in the command arguments over the hosts using rsh command.

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