msgbserver (8)

msgbserv [-port PORT] [-config SCORECONF_FILENAME]
The MessageBoard server process keeps track of cluster status so that cluster users may occupy cluster hosts exclusively. The possible command arguments are described below;

-port [PORT]
Specifies the socket port number for accepting lock requests. The default port number is 8765.
Specifies the filename which holds a list of hosts in a cluster.

When a host for which a client is requesting a lock crashes, the server fails to release the lock. In this case, sending SIGHUP to the server resets the server status.

There are two client programs. One is msgb program, and the other is Message Board Client Applet. If the applet client is preferable, then the msgbserv program should run on a host where HTTPD is running. Otherwise, message board client applet can not establish a socket conenction.


Sending SIGHUP to msgbserv process simply resets it even if some clients are currently locking some hosts.

msgb, msgblock, Message Board Client Applet

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