rsh-all(1) command

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rsh-all - rsh to specified machines

rsh-all [option] command argument...

rsh-all executes command on all specified hosts.

Target nodes are specified by -score option or -h option, or SCORE_OPTIONS environment variable.

-score SCore_option
Specifies target nodes to rsh. Format of SCore_option is comma separated strings as follows.
Specifies number of target nodes. If this is not specified, from first node to last node in score.conf file are used.
Specifies hostname of first node. Rsh is invoked from this node in order of specified in score.conf file. If this is not specified, current hostname is used.
Strings other than these are simply ignored.

If one of these are omitted, then value of environment variable SCORE_OPTIONS are used,

-i filename
Input command and arguemnts from file, rather thane command line. If ``-'' is specified as filename, then standard input is used. You can specify multiple statements separated by newline.

-h "list of hostname"
Specifies hostnames separated by white space, and enclosed by quotation. Rsh is invoked to all specified hosts.

If this option is not specified, rsh-all prints hostname on beginning of each rsh output line, and standard-error of command are redirected to standard-output.
If this option is specified, suppress the hostname on beginning of line, and standard-error is not redirected.

rsh-all normally prints hostname when each rsh command is invoked. This option suppresses it.

rsh-all normally invokes rsh simultaneously on all nodes. If this option is specified, rsh-all invokes rsh sequentially.


When package is installed to different directory from specified at making binary image, this option specifies top directory of the package location.
default value of -score option.

kill-all(1), environment variable(7), score.conf file

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