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The Pentium Farm is a project involving 10 Linux SMP Pentiums connected to act as a cluster for parallel proccessing. The System became operational august 1996.

The Pentium Farm is now superceded by Comyc, a system with 8 Dual-Pentium-Pro-200 nodes and Myrinet network and 8 Dual-Pentium-III-450 nodes.

This system is used primarily for research and educational activities. Currently are PVM, MPI and Posix threads installed.

The official site (in german) explains the backgrounds and the history of parallel Computing at the University of Mannheim. For more Information about the project please email us.

Currently the Cluster has the following Software and Hardware configuration:


This Software (Up to date list) configuration is available

  • Linux with Kernel 2.0.27 (S.u.S.E. Linux 4.2)
  • NFS, NIS, X11R6, etc. according to the Linux Distribution
  • PVM Version 3.3 (in /usr/trumpf/pvm3)
  • Java JDK
  • Other packets available in the Distribution
  • MPI
  • POSIX Threads
Plans for further Software in the future:
  • Other Tools


All 10 Computers have the following Hardware (Up-to-date list) configuration

  • ASUS P55T2P4D Dual Processor Boards
  • 2 Intel Pentium 133 MHz
  • 512 KB Pipelined Burst Cache
  • 96 MB Memory each
  • PCI SCSI Controler (NCR Chip)
  • 1 GB local SCSI Harddrive (Maxtor, from KSR1)
  • PCI Ethernet (SMC Etherpower)
  • Desktop box
The Master-Computer (trumpf-0) has the following additional Hardware
  • PCI 2MB Graphic Interface, (Elsa Winnner 1000 Trio)
  • 17" Monitor
  • 1.44 " Flobby drive
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • 4x CDROM Drive
  • Exabyte Tapestreamer (from KSR1)