Where to get access to the R/3-System

Due to terms of license the usage of the system is only allowed within the Universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg. This means that access over
  • external Provider (e.g. T-Online, AOL or Compuserve)
  • the Modem or ISDN access of the University of Mannheim
is disabled. The University of Mannheim provides the following access:
Description Room Building
PC-pool of economical informatics (WIPOOL) 2.58, 2. OG L7, 3-5
PC-pool of the IT-Center of the University of Mannheim 3. OG L7, 3-5
Seminar room und faculty library of the chair Prof. Dr. Hoitsch (only for users in the appropriate seminar) O290 Schloß
The University of Heidelberg provides the following access:
  • PC-pool of the University of Heidelberg
Note: Students from Mannheim can also access the system at the pc-pool in Heidelberg and vice versa. The user-ID is valid for both locations.

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